Japanese nostalgic toy collection (Tatsumi Mook)

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The world of Showa-era candy shop goods, which were not only sweets but also a paradise of toys! The book is full of period items such as lottery tickets, menco, bromides, stickers, cards, guns, frames, yo-yos, and luminous smoke…both classic and rare items.

Main contents
◎The world of the winning lottery ticket
Get a cool gun!
The classic of outdoor play! Aim for the jackpot!
A lineup of vehicles you’ve always dreamed of!
The vehicles of your dreams are all here! Practical items
Fun games and bowling! Trophies for the winners!
Boys’ favorites! Monsters, UFOs, and plastic models
Play with them and feel like an adult!
Super realistic! Will this surprise her?
Fusion of souvenirs and supercars!
A large collection of “kawaii” that girls love!

◎This is a classic!
Ultraman Kaku Menko/Hero & Popular People Round Menko, etc.

Ultra Series/ Kamen Rider/ Silver Mask, etc.

Seals and badges
Wappen/Magic stickers/Tanned stickers/Mixed stickers/Variety stickers
Buckles, badges, etc.

Mini cards/ UFO/ Frilled lizards/ Ooban koban/ Electric cards/ Stereo cards, etc.

Gunpowder guns, rolled ball guns, silver ball guns, disc pistols, water guns, etc.

Outdoor play
Soft glider/baby helicopter/boomerang/horn kite/mini kite
Rocket launcher / Cracker ball / Yo-yo / Frame / Fireworks, etc.

◎ Unique type
Luminous dolls / Luminous electric dolls / Luminous stickers / Luminous skull dolls / Gegege no Kitaro, etc.

Yokai Kemuri/Yakkoude Hikaru! Kemuri / Okaruto Kemuri and others

Lottery and fortune-telling
Water-drawn lottery / Kuji paper / Life uranai / Dotori fortune-telling / Fortune-telling computer, etc.

Mischief goods
Surprise knife/Punch gum/Boo cushion/Rubber reptile, etc.

◎Home games
Plastic models
Terrifying Barden aliens/Kaijuko-gappa/Rokurokkubi/Mini robots/
Chibikko Plastic Model series, etc.

Pachinko mini-games, military chess, playing cards, picture matching, paper sumo, backgammon, karuta, etc.
Karuta, etc.

Plastic puzzles/15 puzzles/Jigsaw puzzles/Chienowa/ 3D puzzles

Magic goods
Mini-magic / Mystery needle / Mysterious pigeon / Mysterious dancing snake / Human amputation / etc.
Magic guillotine

Drawing Goods
Suri-e / Bannen Notebook / Magic Scale / Coloring

Spy Notebook/Exploration Set/UFO Search Notebook

◎Other Various Etcetera
Tomboy / Jumping Frog / Smoking Monkey / Spider Monkey / Shuriken
TV type paper theater / Nikko photo / shooting set / soft vinyl doll / poly doll / wiggle doll / tocotoko doll / eraser
toco toco dolls, erasers, gacha gacha, etc.

◎Maruhide’s Secrets

1 Sweets and Candy
2 Life goods for kids
3 Stationery

Release Date:
April, 2019

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