Japanese Nostalgic Stationery Encyclopedia (Tatsumi Mook)

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“Multifunctional pencil case”, “rocket pencil”, “fragrant eraser”, etc. The strongest nostalgic “Showa stationery” gathering!

[Main contents]
◎At that time, you could become a hero just by holding it in your hand!
3 major star stationery special feature

◎ “Nostalgic stationery” 10 major genres gathering!
Chikyu Pencil/Tombow Pencil/Kirin Pencil/Mitsubishi Pencil/Kolin Pencil/Taiyo Pencil/Yacht Pencil/Red Blue Pencil/Pencil Cap/Pencil Sharpener
Hontono no Craypas / Craypas / Sakura Crayon / Yoikono Crayon / Fluorescent Pastel / Guitar Pass / Derive Marker / WATER COLOR / Racing Car 14 Color / 12 Color Pencil / Mitsubishi Dermatograph
Standard Eraser / CAR Eraser / Eraser Cap / Design Erasers Roller Eraser
・Put away
Arm pen holder/Polycarbonate brush holder/Attack/Super Rock/Can pen case/Celluloid case/Yokono Ogubako
·Put on
Bond for woodworking / Fueki glue / Yamato glue / Cemedine C / Aron Alpha
Straight edge ruler/ruler set/folding measure/design ruler/template ruler
Japonica Study Book/Kyokuto Study Book/Marmizu Note/Tokai Study Book Tsubame Note/Okamoto Note/Underlay
·to make
Mickey Knife / Bon Knife / Dragonfly Knife / Narby Color Knife / Rule Cutter / Higon Mamoru / Munechika Higo Knife / Origami / Magnet
・Composite stationery
BOXY mini type mechanical pencil with ballpoint pen/Team Demi/Rajibo/Palettecom/Cardmania/Bunkuro
・Set stationery
Keisu Kiset/Drafting Set/Calligraphy Bag/Painting Set/Insect Collecting Specimen Tool/Dissection Set

◎ At that time, I wanted to stretch myself out! Adored adult stationery
◎ Making it is the purpose itself!? Self-made eraser manual
◎Looking at it now, it’s too unique! Stationery PR Paper Museum
◎ Infiltration report experience
Hinodewashi/Hokuboshi Pencil/Punpukudo
◎It doesn’t make sense, but it’s a lot of fun Common sense for boys!
◎At that time, I wanted transcendence! UNI novelty stationery
◎ To the incomprehensible world of girls Secret stationery
◎Interview with the author Stationery festival organizer Yoshinori Takagi x Stationery writer Kidatetaku
Sunstar Stationery Yuzo Yamamoto / Somaya Genshiro store Naoya Nagatsuma
◎History of Showa stationery


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June, 2016

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