Japanese Nostalgic Freebies Collection (Tatsumi Mook)

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A collection of “Shokugan” with a sense of lulz and amazing variety that only the Showa period can offer! Includes the miraculous plastic model “Big One Gum,” which was a huge hit, as well as “Gag-Mate,” “Bikkuriman Choco,” “Sporo-Gum,” and many other unique and overly interesting “freebies” items from the past.

[Main contents]
●The first issue features Big One Gum.
“Big One” of the land, sea, and air: This is the complete model!
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●Special feature Gag Mate
Humor stationery / Fortune-telling gag stationery / Sloppy school uranai
Specter Gag Puzzle/Action Gag Game/Shigeru Mizuki’s Specter School

●Special feature: Bikkuriman chocolates
Dokkiri Stickers / 3D Dokkiri Stickers / Ushii Stickers / Man-Ga Stickers
Mannequin stickers/Jordan stickers/Tokudane photo stickers
Manjarinko Stickers/Kawararingo Stickers/Gag Poster Stickers

●Toys for free
“Glico”, “Spolo Gum”, “Puppy”, “Joint Robo”, “Combined Choco Ball”,”Geko Frog”, “Parkemon”, “Capsuleer”, “Robokun”, “Takochu Picotan”, “Animal Picotan”, “Undokai Picotan”, “Kanitan”, Kametan,”, “Puzzle Kun Gum”, “Racing Car”, “Remodeling Blocker” ,”Shinkai Gyo!”,” Mecha-Borg”, “Insect Wrestler”,”Bokura no Machi”,”Morinaga Choco Snack Kinnikuman”, “Morinaga Choco Snack Dr. Slump”,”Morinaga Choco Snacks Gegege no Kitaro” and others

●Seal extras
“Chocobee”, “Bo-Choco”, “Spin”, “Hariri Mask”, “Oya Oya Mask”, , “Mushari Choco”, “World Famous Cars” and others

●Plastic model omake
Morinaga Choco Snacks, “Mobile Suit Gundam,” “Microman Gum,” “Dougram Gum,” , Morinaga Choco Cone”, “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross”,”Armored Trooper Votoms Gum”, Galactic Drift Byfam Chocolate, etc.

Crown and rider card
Sausage extra
Wrapping paper transfer stickers
Plastic model of instant noodles

●Talk with Tetsuo Sato, creator of Big One Gum
Tetsuo Sato, former head of product development, Kabaya Foods
Kinjiro Ikeda, President of Sanyo Kasei Kogyo Co.

●Conversation: Collector of free gifts

Release Date:
November, 2017

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