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The rules are simple, simple but interesting. Roulette, tops, cards, bills … “Analog” games from the Showa era.

“Life game” “Millionaire game” “Monopoly” “Good trip challenge 20,000km” “Ghost mansion game” “Quiz derby game” “Mito Komon Japan Manyu game” “Baseball board” “Soccer game” “Torpedo battle game” “Perfect” …… etc.

I want to play innocently again! An unforgettable “nostalgic item”.

[Main contents]
◎ Showa royal road
◎ Long-selling
◎ Toy system
◎ From TV program
◎ Anime / Manga
◎ Series
◎ Wargame / SLG
◎ From video games

◎ Various columns
◎ Interview with related parties
◎ Nostalgic board game expert roundtable discussion
◎ History of Showa board games
…… etc.

Release Date:
January, 2016

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Ulala Imai

Ulala Imai was born in 1982, Kanagawa, Japan. She is a graduate of Tama Art University, Tokyo. She lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan. Select recent solo exhibitions include Lovers, Union Pacific, London (2020), March, Oil Gallery, Tokyo (2020), Project N. 78, Tokyo Opera CityGallery, Tokyo (2020), Lovers, XYZ Collective, Tokyo (2019).

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