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This book is a detailed explanation of a famous Japanese castle using illustrations.

There are various states of castles and their remains that are currently left in the country.
There are various types, from those that were already burnt down during the Warring States period, those that were demolished after the Meiji Restoration, those that were burnt down due to war damage, and those that remain until now.

In particular, the remains of stone walls and other remains have been restored in the magazine to their original state (main enclosure, castle tower, turret, gate, etc.), and the current structure of the castle made of concrete after the war is Of course, we also introduce the framework at that time in detail.

With this one book, you will be able to understand all the mechanisms of Japanese castles.
* All in Japanese

Chapter 1 Dissecting the ruins of a castle
Azuchi Castle, Edo Castle, Goryokaku, Komoro Castle
Takeda Castle, Hagi Castle, Takamatsu Castle, Hizen Nagoya Castle

Chapter 2 Reading and understanding the existing castle tower
Himeji Castle, Matsumoto Castle, Hikone Castle, Inuyama Castle
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, Matsuyama Castle

Chapter 3 Restored Castles
Nagoya Castle, Kumamoto Castle, Shiroishi Castle, Shirakawa Komine Castle
Shibata Castle, Kakegawa Castle, Wakayama Castle, Okayama Castle
Hiroshima Castle, Ozu Castle, Saga Castle, Shuri Castle

Chapter 4 Reconstructed Castles
Osaka Castle, Odawara Castle, Oshi Castle, Ogaki Castle
Kiyosu Castle, Sumoto Castle

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December, 2014

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