Japanese cooking book-how to serve from the basics

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Master the basics of serving Japanese food culture.
The book explains how to serve various dishes and the knowledge of utensils necessary to serve them.
The book is composed in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners, using plenty of color photographs.

The author is Koichiro Hata, a well-known teacher at Tsuji Culinary Institute.
What is the difference between a dish that looks neat and tasty and one that does not?
This book will help you find out.

Point 1.
Photographs play an important role in explaining the dish and how to serve it.
We have tried to make this book as easy to understand as possible through the effective use of photographs.
Pottery and lacquerware are arranged by region of origin and technique.
The various types of chopsticks and kaishi are also introduced with photographs.

The photos of the serving process also help the reader to understand the serving procedure, which is difficult to visualize with text alone.
Details such as serving position, orientation, and height can be confirmed at a glance.
The black circle under the word “器” and the vermilion square under the word “盛” are reminiscent of an origami mat.

Point 2.
The four parts of the book are “Basic Knowledge of Vessels,” “Basic Knowledge of Arrangement,” “Arrangement of Dishes by Month,” and “Explanation of Dishes.

The “Basic Knowledge of Vessels” section introduces pottery and lacquerware by region of origin, technique, and form, accompanied by photographs.
In addition, wood crafts, bamboo crafts, glassware, metal crafts, kaishiki, chopsticks, etc. are all introduced with photographs.

In “Basic Knowledge of Serving,” the seven basic serving styles are explained, as well as how to use margins, straight and curved lines, and the basics of serving food.
The following sections explain what you need to know about serving food, such as how to arrange food in a way that makes it easy to pick up and eat, number, temperature and serving utensils, and coloring.
The actual serving method is carefully explained with process photos.

In “Arranging Dishes by Month,” the book introduces the arrangement of dishes for each month from January to December.
Seasonal dishes and the use of dishes and utensils will be a useful reference.

Release Date:
January, 2009

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