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This book introduces over 500 different types of station bento boxes from across the country, complete with photos. It is the ultimate compilation, featuring a total of 1,000 station bento boxes in one complete edition.

Designed for ease of use while traveling, the book is organized by region and station, making it easy to find and choose a bento box on the spot. It even categorizes the bento boxes by the companies that produce them.

【Table of Contents and Featured Station Bento】※The book actually features about three times this number of bento boxes, complete with photos.

Chapter 1: Hokkaido
Wakkanai Station: Comparison of Three Types of Crab Rice, Abundant Sea Urchin Bento
Asahikawa Station: Daisetsu Sushi, Abundant Salmon Roe Bento
Kushiro Station: Abundant Crab Bento, King Crab Scattered Sushi
Abashiri Station: Scallop Bento, Seaside Feast
Akkesi Station: Family Oyster Rice Bento, Seafood King Crab Oyster Rice
Ikeda Station: Special Tokachi Beef Wine-marinated Steak Bento, Special Parent and Child Bento
Tomakomai Station: Surf Clam Rice, Salmon Sushi
Sapporo Station: Seafood Ezoshumi, New Three Types of Crab Bento
Otaru Station: Sea’s Shine, Hokkai Hand Line
Mori Station: Squid Rice
Hakodate Station: Herring Polishing Bento, Seafood Sea Urchin Rice
Local Specialty Station Bento by Prefecture

Chapter 2: Tohoku
Hachinohe Station: Hachinohe Song Sushi, Hachinohe Flavor An Sauce Strawberry Stew Rice Bowl
Aomori Station: Aomori Prefecture Tuna Used, Authentic Tuna Meal & Towada Rose Yakizushi
Akita Station: Akita Hinai Chicken Specialty Chicken Rice, Warm Kiritampo Bento
Odate Station: Chicken Rice Bento, Hinai Chicken Chicken Rice
Ichinoseki Station: Abalone Sea Urchin Rice, Maezawa Beef Roast Beef Meat Roll Sushi
Yamagata Station: Yamagata Special Beef Rice, Potato Stew Bento
Yonezawa Station: Beef in the Middle (Curry), Yonezawa Beef Charcoal Grilled Deluxe Kalbi Bento
Sendai Station: Grilled Beef Tongue and A5 Sendai Beef Bento, Miyagi Salmon Pressed Sushi
Koriyama Station: Nori Noriben, Lucky Bean’s Beef Rice
Iwaki Station: Sea Urchin Shell Grill Comparison Station Bento, Onahama Specialty Swordfish Sauce Cutlet Bowl
Local Specialty Station Bento by Prefecture

Chapter 3: Kanto Koshinetsu
Naoetsu Station: Salmon Rice, Cod Rice
Echigo-Yuzawa Station: Salmon Roe and Cod Roe Rice, Cow~ And Koshihikari
Nagaoka Station: Echigo Nagaoka Kiza Bento, Herring Kazunoko Salmon Roe
Niitsu Station: Grilled Pickled Salmon Flake Bento, Snowman Bento
Niigata Station: Red and White Pressed Sushi Salmon Engawa, Murakami Beef Shigure, Shrimp Senryo Scattered Sushi
Yokokawa Station: Mountain Pass Kettle Rice, Mountain Pass Chicken Thigh Bento
Takasaki Station: Chicken Rice Bento, Daruma Bento
Utsunomiya Station: Iwashita’s New Ginger Chicken Rice, One Kokuyo Doori’s Teriyaki Cheese Curry
Mito Station: Hitachi Beef Beef Bento, Kamaage Shirasu Bento
Tokyo Station: Chicken Bento, Fukagawa Food
Chiba Station: Yakihamabento, Canola Flower Bento
Awokamo River Station: Sanga Grilled Bento, Abalone Scattered Sushi
Yokohama Station: Siu Mai Bento, Yokohama Chinese Bento
Ofuna Station: Horse Mackerel Pressed Sushi, Taiwanese Style Lurou Fan Bento
Odawara Station: Sea Bream Rice, Grilled Gold Eye and Small Horse Mackerel Pressed Sushi
Kobuchizawa Station: Highland Vegetables and Cutlet Bento, Shinshu Specialty Bandit Grilled Bento
Matsumoto Station: Shinshu Mountain Rice, Shinshu Alps Beef Beef Sukiyaki
Local Specialty Station Bento by Prefecture

Chapter 4: Tokai
Ito Station: Inari Sushi, Inari Sushi Sea Bream Festival Bento
Numazu Station: Port Horse Mackerel Sushi, Fujimi Ashitaka Beef Sukiyaki Bento
Shinfuji Station: Maki Kari Bento, Mount Fuji Lava Rock Grilled Bento
Hamamatsu Station: Eel Rice, Hamamatsu Mikado Beef & Enshu Whitebait Bento
Toyohashi Station: Inari Sushi, Three-color Inari
Nagoya Station: Matsuura’s Miso Fillet Cutlet, Matsusaka Beef Golden Roll
Matsusaka Station: Mo Taro Bento, Meet the Hot Matsusaka Beef Rice in Matsusaka!!
Takayama Station: Hida Takayama Beef Shigure Sushi, Sarubobo-chan’s Bento
Local Specialty Station Bento by Prefecture

Chapter 5: Western Japan
Toyama Prefecture ● Toyama Station
Ishikawa Prefecture ● Kanazawa Station
Fukui Prefecture ● Fukui Station & Tsuruga Station
Shiga Prefecture ● Maibara Station & Kusatsu Station
Nara Prefecture ● Kintetsu Nara Station
Wakayama Prefecture ● Wakayama Station
Hyogo Prefecture ● Himeji Station & Kobe Station
Tottori Prefecture ● Tottori Station & Yonago Station

Shimane Prefecture ● Izumo Station & Matsue Station
Okayama Prefecture ● Okayama Station
Hiroshima Prefecture ● Hiroshima Station & Iwakuni Station
Yamaguchi Prefecture ● Ube Station & Shimonoseki Station
Local Specialty Station Bento by Prefecture

Chapter 6: Kyushu, Okinawa
Nagasaki Prefecture ● Nagasaki Station & Isahaya Station
Kumamoto Prefecture ● Kumamoto Station & Higo Ozu Station
Oita Prefecture ● Oita Station & Beppu Station
Miyazaki Prefecture ● Miyazaki Station & Aburatsu Station
Kagoshima Prefecture ● Kagoshima Central Station
Okinawa Prefecture ● Naha Airport

Local Specialty Station Bento by Prefecture

This book is a must-have for those who love station bento boxes, are planning to travel, or just love Japanese cuisine!

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April, 2020

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