YOKAI MUSEUM: The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from YUMOTO Koichi Collection

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This book introduces the impressive collection of yokai collector Koichi Yumoto, who owns all kinds of yokai-related goods, from picture scrolls, daily necessities, and toys.

In addition to materials such as picture scrolls, yellow covers, and nishiki-e, the second half of the book includes kimonos with yokai patterns, uchiwa fans, Kobe dolls designed for foreigners, sugoroku and menko, and posters for yokai movies from the Showa period.  Goods that are fun to look at are posted in large color illustrations. You can see the spread of yokai culture among the common people.

Mr. Yumoto pays attention not only to perfect things, but also to the traces that toys and other items were actually used. The items introduced here are also lively yokai materials, rather than valuable materials stored in a museum.

All of the works are accompanied by explanations in Japanese and English, and people from other countries who have read the books have expressed their surprise at Japan’s yokai culture.

* Japanese-English bilingual

Release Date:
July, 2013
Japanese & English

Author profile

Koichi Yumoto

Folklorist and yokai researcher.

Born in Sumida-ku, Tokyo in 1950.
Completed the master’s program at Hosei University Graduate School (Japanese History) in 1977.
He has served as a curator and curator of the Kawasaki City Museum.
He currently teaches at graduate schools and universities while conducting research and collection of youkai.
He has authored numerous books, including books on youkai.

He donated more than 5,000 pieces of the world’s largest collection to the “Miyoshi Mononoke Museum” (Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture).

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Koichi Yumoto


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