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Wrapping paper designs from REGARO PAPIRO (Fukuoka and Tokyo), a wrapping paper specialty store that is extremely popular among paper lovers, stationery lovers, and girls who love cute things, are now available in a book!

The book contains a total of 100 designs in six categories. The book includes 100 designs in six categories, including some designs of out of stock in store that are no longer available.
Of the 100 designs included in the book, 30 can be downloaded from a special site!

The book is set to print out in A4 size (200dpi), so you can print it out on your favorite type of paper and enjoy the REGARO PAPIRO designs for your personal use.

Release Date:
April, 2022

Author profile

Asuka Eto

CEO of REGARO Co., Ltd.
Wrapping paper designer.
Born in Fukuoka prefecture.
He has loved drawing since he was a child, and even wanted to be a shoujo manga artist.
After dropping out of college, she entered a design school.
After graduating, she worked as an advertising designer for several years before starting her career as a freelance designer when she got married. She plans to use an empty room in her parents’ house as her office, but she was impressed by the beautiful paper shops she met in Europe during that time, and she collected wrapping paper that she rarely sees in Japan. She decided to open a paper shop. At the end of 2012, she started making original wrapping paper.

When she opened the store in 2013, she had her own child, and struggled to run the store while raising an infant.
She is currently a mother of two children and CEO, and continues to design her wrapping paper.

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Asuka Eto


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