Tomo Tanaka’s Miniature Works – nunu’s house (Handmade Series)

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This is a book in which you can enjoy the world of miniatures created by miniature artist Tomo Tanaka.

The restaurant that appears in the first chapter is inspired by a restaurant where one can casually go alone.
The calm interior and simple yet sophisticated sundries are also noteworthy.

Chapter 2 introduces coordinated miniatures.
The girly world of collage sets, stamps and other stationery set in desk drawers, cupcakes lined up in display cases, and trunks filled with sundries and sweets is well worth seeing.
There are also many other miniatures that will make you smile, such as sweets and sandwiches lined up on an afternoon tea stand, Danish that you can imagine the crispy texture of, and croquettes that are realistic down to their cross-sections.

Chapter 3 features Bread & Sweets.
You will surely be impressed by the beautifully colored and shaped pastries that not only look realistic, but are also beautiful.

Chapter 4 is a miniature representation of anniversaries such as birthdays and Christmas.
Lovely cakes are featured.

Chapter 5 is a big showcase of how to make miniatures.
The unique method of making a mold and then duplicating it is carefully explained frame by frame.
Included are instructions for making cookie gifts, tarts, Danish bread, and roses.

Release Date:
December, 2012

Author profile

Tomo Tanaka

Create miniatures based on familiar items such as food, miscellaneous goods, and plants. He faithfully reproduces the reference materials with the concept of making everything from materials and pursues reality. Started production in 2001. Active mainly in Kansai and Tokyo. Active under the brand name “nunu’s house”. Lives in Osaka.

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Tomo Tanaka


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