Tomo Tanaka’s Miniature Style – nunu’s house III (Handmade Series)

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This is the third volume of a book to enjoy the world of miniatures created by miniature artist Tomo Tanaka.

Chapter 1/Select Shop and Shoe Store
This is the first appearance of a select store selling handbags, accessories, tableware, and other items.
This is a space where customers can enjoy items lined up in different colors from their own perspective.
In the shoe store, women’s sneakers are neatly lined up along with boxes.

Chapter 2 / Food such as jams, cookies, cakes, and fruits
These works are created along with the author’s desire to make things that are enjoyable for the viewer.
In addition to sweets, there are also transparent cylindrical containers made with the author’s unique technique, as well as furniture made to hold candy.
The author’s unique technique is used to create transparent cylindrical containers and candy shelves, furniture made to hold candy, and other miscellaneous items around food.

Chapter 3: Miniatures that evoke the seasons
You will find works that remind you of the unique Japanese seasons, such as a three-tiered hanami bento, mosquito coils, and sanma set menus.

Chapter 4/Miniatures displayed in small cases
The French-style items displayed in acrylic cases are so realistic that it is hard to believe that they are miniatures.
You can’t help but admire them.

Chapter 5: Explanation of how to make. This time, we will show you how to make a bento lunch box.
The photos carefully explain how to make familiar side dishes such as omelet, karaage, meatballs, broccoli, and more.
Attention is also paid to the color combinations and materials chosen to make them look authentic. The book is full of original techniques.

Chapter 6/Miniature works focusing on familiar objects
A scene in the middle of making omelet, a ready-made side dish in a storage container, rice with egg, etc.
The works depict everyday life that makes us giggle.

Release Date:
August, 2017

Author profile

Tomo Tanaka

Create miniatures based on familiar items such as food, miscellaneous goods, and plants. He faithfully reproduces the reference materials with the concept of making everything from materials and pursues reality. Started production in 2001. Active mainly in Kansai and Tokyo. Active under the brand name “nunu’s house”. Lives in Osaka.

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