Tomo Tanaka’s Miniature Collection – nunu’s house II (Handmade Series)

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This is the second volume of a book to enjoy the world of miniatures created by miniature artist Satoshi Tanaka.

The first chapter introduces a house that represents a model kitchen-like space.
The name of the house is “”Garden Kitchen Studio. The clean white-based kitchen is lined with dishes and sundries, and greenery is displayed around it. The house has been carefully detailed so that it can be viewed and enjoyed from the front and both sides.

Chapter 2 features a variety of familiar foods, from baked goods such as madeleines and financiers, tarts, roll cakes, chocolates, and other sweets to omelettes, fried rice, and other Western dishes.

Chapter 3 introduces the world of miniatures that can be decorated and enjoyed.
Using a counter table that can be changed, a pastry shop, a bakery, a delicatessen, and other stores are created.

Chapter 4 is the popular explanation of how to make them.
This time we make a waffle plate and a café plate. A must-see is how to make rice. It also focuses on what tools to use. In addition, how to make plates using the heat press technique is also introduced.

Chapter 5 features miniatures from a different genre, such as Japanese-style menus and convenience store bento boxes.

Release Date:
May, 2014

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Tomo Tanaka

Create miniatures based on familiar items such as food, miscellaneous goods, and plants. He faithfully reproduces the reference materials with the concept of making everything from materials and pursues reality. Started production in 2001. Active mainly in Kansai and Tokyo. Active under the brand name “nunu’s house”. Lives in Osaka.

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