Tomo Tanaka’s Miniature Selection – nunu’s house IV (Handmade Series)

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A collection of miniature works by Tomo Tanaka, a miniature artist who is very popular on SNS. In this fourth work, the author challenged to reproduce a surprisingly realistic world that was created more realistically than the real thing that does not collapse no matter how close it is.

All of the works are 1/12 of the real size and small enough to fit on your fingertips, but even if you magnify them a dozen times through the lens, the realism trapped in them will not be lost. Lettuce frills sandwiched between hamburgers, roast beef sushi, rice ball sushi toro, steam on the lid of an oden pot, etc.

Chapter1 / Hamburger and side menu, 3 types of pasta, pasta set, canned set, bar menu, roast beef, raw ham, ham platter, sausage platter, salad, cheese platter, wine and glass
Chapter2 / Ice cream shop, strawberry whole cake, animal icing cookie
Chapter3 / Cafe au lait bowl, teapot and cup & saucer, pot and plate and cutlery
Chapter4 / How to make naan and curry, delivery style pizza
Chapter5 / Sushi, grilled meat menu, udon and accompaniment, stir-fried pork and cabbage with spicy miso and kenchin-jiru, oden, octopus grilled, pickled plum, tonkotsu & soy sauce ramen

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October, 2021

Author profile

Tomo Tanaka

Create miniatures based on familiar items such as food, miscellaneous goods, and plants. He faithfully reproduces the reference materials with the concept of making everything from materials and pursues reality. Started production in 2001. Active mainly in Kansai and Tokyo. Active under the brand name “nunu’s house”. Lives in Osaka.

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Tomo Tanaka


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