The first eraser stamp by Tomoko Tsukui

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A book for beginners of eraser stamps by Tomoko Tsukui, a popular eraser stamp artist in Japan.

Eraser Hanko It is useful not only for beginners but also for those who want designs and ideas.
A lot of simple and cute designs are posted.

Release Date:
March, 2010

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Tomoko Tsukui

Eraser Hanko Artist.
Born in Saitama prefecture. She started carving erasers as a hobby at the age of 15, and after graduating from the Faculty of Human Relations at Wako University, she started making custom-made eraser stamps under the name of “Shokado” in 2003.
Communicate how to enjoy the eraser stamp through media appearances, books, and workshops. She is active in a wide range of fields such as print exhibitions and mural productions in Japan and overseas.

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Tomoko Tsukui


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