Sylvanian Families’ Fun Life and Seasonal Food

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This is a book where you can enjoy making your own “Sylvanian Families” series, which has been loved by many people since its release in 1985.

Chapter 1 Three dollhouse artists propose house makeovers and furniture making.
Chapter 2 Introduces how to make clay miniature foods that decorate seasonal scenes such as Christmas and Halloween from Sylvanian Families.
Chapter 3: Create a diorama such as a lawn, fountain, and flower bed using cork boards and 100 yen materials.

Incorporating elements of crafts and crafts, this is a book that not only can be enjoyed by generations who played with Sylvanian Families when they were children, but can also be made and played with by parents and children, and can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults as well.

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May, 2019

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