Sword Accessories : A New Kaitai Shinsho (Sword Fan Books 002)

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There are various types of sword fittings such as tsuba, menuki, kozuka, kogai, and fuchigashira, each of which has fine craftsmanship and skill in a small space, and has high artistic value and can be said to be the ultimate beauty of Bushido. It introduces a number of treasured masterpieces that are difficult to see, along with viewing points in an easy-to-understand manner.

[Chapter 1 Basic Knowledge of Sword Fittings]
What are Sword Fittings?
The Origin of Sword Fittings and Points of Appreciation
Sword fittings Names and roles of each part
Glossary of Sword Fittings

[Chapter 2 Sword fittings by author/Introduction of works]
Koremi Ishiguro,Nagatune Ichinomiya, Konkan Iwamoto, Myoji Umetada, Shomin Unno, Natsuo Kano , Goto Yujo, Yasuchika Tsuchiya , Nara Toshinaga , Yokoya Somin, etc.

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January, 2022

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