Stuffed Animals by ippo taoka – Dye your own colors and patterns to make your own stuffed animals

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Popular plush toy artist ippo taoka provides thorough instructions on how to create stuffed animals in this detailed guide.

The book covers various aspects of plush toy making, including dyeing the fabric in preferred colors and patterns, and creating intricate parts like eyes and animal paws from clay.

The book is designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, offering projects ranging from simple designs suitable for beginners to complex creations for advanced crafters. It introduces three types of construction methods: jointed, two-piece cut, and mini-size types.

Featured animals include popular choices like cats, rabbits, elephants, and more. The book encourages personalization, inviting crafters to dye fabrics in their favorite colors and create unique facial features, imbuing the plush toys with individual personality. Readers are prompted to imagine the gender, personality, and age of the finished toy, helping to bring their creations to life.

Included are patterns for 13 different plush toys, all in actual size.

[Table of Contents]
– Introduction
– Tools and Materials for Making Plush Toys
– Dyeing Fabric
– Making Parts with Clay
– Cats/Foxes/Elephants/Rabbits/Goats/Bears/Ducks/Small Birds/Simple Bears/Small Animals
– Tools and Materials for Plush Toy Making
– Where to Buy Materials
– Full-size Patterns

This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in making their own plush toys, providing the tools and inspiration needed to craft a range of adorable, personalized creations.

Release Date:
July, 2023

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ippo taoka

After graduating from university and while working as a national public servant, they continued to create paintings and sculptures, exhibiting in numerous art exhibitions. In 2015, they retired and began working full-time as an artist. They also run the stuffed toy workshop “i-ppo handmade.”

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