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Shinobu Ohashi, a popular paper-cutting artist in Japan, has the first cut-out greeting card!

With a delicate pattern, Shinobu Ohashi’s cutouts have fans not only in Japan but around the world.

This book makes her cutouts a greeting card.

By printing her cutout work on a card and cutting out some windows on the front side of the card, it is devised so that the inside pattern looks beautiful.

Cutouts can range from simple to complex.
Beginners can start from simple ones, so even those who were hesitant to cut paper can be fun with this.

Also, it is beautiful to decorate, and there are various ways to enjoy it.

Comes with 33 greeting cards.

A message and small cutouts are also included as an appendix, so you can put it on a card for decoration and create your own original message!

Release Date:
July, 2020

Author profile

Shinobu Ohashi

Cutout artist. A piece of paper-cutting work using black drawing paper and colored Japanese paper, mainly with plants and birds as motifs, inspired by words and sounds. Currently, he is active in the suburbs of Tokyo, such as publishing books and making goods. In September 2018, she participated in the theater release “Natsume Yujincho – Utsusemi ni Tie – theatrical version” as a collaboration with Kirie.

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Shinobu Ohashi


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