Sky Blue Cream Soda Glass Pen Night Sky – Supervised by tsunekawa

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180,000 followers on Twitter! Glass pen supervised by cream soda artisan tsunekawa.
The “Night Sky” glass pen has a purple to indigo gradation, inspired by the deepening night color of cream soda. It comes with ink & 3 cream soda postcards that you can write and send now.

[The 5-piece set includes.]
・Glass pen Night Sky: 1
・Blue ink: Hekiokagiri (misty blue): 1
・Pen rest: 1
・Three cream soda postcards
・Instruction manual: 1 copy

The purple color of the “Sky Blue Cream Soda Glass Pen  Night Sky” may appear light blue under some fluorescent lights due to the characteristics of the glass. You can see the purple gradation if you view it under natural light, incandescent light, or LED.


Release Date:
November, 2022

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Based in Tokyo. He graduated from Nagoya Mode Gakuen. While he was in school, he was selected for domestic contests, including the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Award. He currently teaches himself how to make cream soda while running his clothing brand.

He published Japan’s first cream soda recipe book. The total number of followers of her SNS, which specializes in clothing, food, and housing, is currently about 200,000. Calling himself a “Tabi suru kissa” he travels all over Japan and runs café tours using local ingredients.

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