PEPAKO Plus – How to Make a Lifelike Paper Puppet with Patterns

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Part 2 of how to make PEPAKO, a paper doll that moves like an animation. Many “Animal PEPAKO” are posted. All works come with “cardboard” patterns that can be made immediately!

PEPAKO is a paper puppet that can be made to move its hands, blink, and make other cute, animation-like movements by moving the wire attached to its back.

There are only 3 types of materials: paper, wire, and tape! There are 12 types in total, ranging from simple and easy to make to complex mechanisms for advanced users.

■What is PEPAKO?■
Basic PEPAKO Easy version
Before you start making
Example 001 Dog and woman
Example 002 Cat washing its face
Example 003 Sea lion and trainer

■Applied PEPAKO Various Edition
examples 004 Running rabbit
example 005 Small bird resting on a branch
example 006 Punching bag and kangaroo
example 007 Crocodile biting a finger

■Amazing ideas with PEPAKO
example 008 Orca and ship
example 009 Pigeon and man
example 010 Horse and boy
example 011 Dinosaur and explorer
example 012 Unicorn and girl

■Work introduction/Comments by Wasu


Column 1 Photographing PEPAKO
Column 2 Wire processing
Column 3 Printing PEPAKO
Column 4 Storage of PEPAKO

example 001 Pattern
example 002 Pattern
example 003 Pattern
example 004 Pattern
example 005 Pattern
example 006 Pattern
example 007 Pattern
example 008 Pattern
example 009 Pattern
example 010 Pattern
example 011 Pattern
example 012 Pattern

Release Date:
September, 2023

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A paper doll creator who produces manual paper puppets and conducts commercial activities centered on sales.

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