[OUTLET] Hiroshi Katagiri’s Anatomy Sculpting Complete Edition

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A book of authentic modeling techniques to understand the human body by Hiroshi Katagiri, a special modeling artist active in Hollywood.

The author, who was in charge of character prototypes for “The Mandalorian,” the first live-action “Star Wars” drama, as well as “Pacific Rim,” “Captain Marvel,” “X-Men,” and other movies, has created a comprehensive collection of techniques for properly understanding and sculpting the human body.

“Anatomy Sculpting”, which thoroughly lectures on sculpting the male skeleton, muscles, female body, children, and the elderly, has been completely revised, and the face and head of an Oriental woman and the face and head of a Western woman have also been newly created and thoroughly explained. This is a complete edition with greatly expanded pages.

A must for illustrators, cartoonists, and anyone involved in 3DCG!


Release Date:
August, 2019

Author profile

Hiroshi Katagiri

Born in Tokyo. Hollywood film and television character designer and sculptor.
He has participated in many films by famous directors such as Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, and Sam Raimi. His major works include Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Battleship, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Pirates of the Caribbean: Spring of Life, The Hunger Games, and Captain Marvel. .

In recent years, he has held sculpture seminars throughout Japan to foster young artists. Influenced not only by sculptors but also by CG artists and other creators in various fields, more than 1000 participants learned modeling from Mr. Katagiri.

His feature directorial debut, Gehenna: Where Death Lives, has been released in 10 US cities and is available on Netflix North America. In Japan, it is sold and rented under the title of “Gehenna”.

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