[OUTLET] How to Build GARAGE KIT vol.01 – Prototype Introductory Edition

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Learn how to make bishoujo figures from scratch! From the selection of tools, via simple mascot modeling to familiarize yourself with how to handle materials, the book covers how to make full-scale bishoujo figures in an easy-to-understand setup even for first-timers.

A textbook that shows in detail with photos and explanations along the way, incorporating 10 years of feedback from the figure prototyping class “Mokei Juku”.
This is a super-introduction to figure modeling using epoxy putty, something that did not seem possible.

《Contents of this book》
Chapter 1: Materials and Tools
Introduction of items necessary for modeling. 3,500 yen to get started!

Chapter 2: Basics of Epo Putty Crafting
First, familiarize yourself with the materials by using a one-part mascot for practice.

Chapter 3: How to make figure prototypes
Explains in detail how to make a full-scale figure of a beautiful girl with 8 heads.

Chapter 4: Reproduction and painting
Reproduction with silicone rubber + resin casting and airbrush painting

*This book is an “introduction to prototyping,” but it also includes a brief introduction to the process of duplication and painting. For detailed explanations of these procedures, please refer to the subsequent volumes in the series.


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October, 2013

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