Mozu Miniature Works : The Tiny World of Dwarfs (Kobito)

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A collection of artist Mozu’s latest works.
Mozu is an artist, stop-motion animator, and trick rakugaki artist active on Twitter (210,000 followers), Instagram (220,000 followers), Youtube (390,000 subscribers to his channel), as well as in collaboration with numerous companies.

The “World of Dwarfs” series recreates his boyhood fantasy of “if a dwarf lived in my room.

The book introduces his past works such as Dwarf’s Secret Base, Dwarf’s Alcove, Dwarf’s Inn, and Dwarf’s Balcony, as well as new works that have yet to be published on social networking sites.

The book also includes the making of each part and behind-the-scenes stories of its creation, such as the precisely crafted pot in the tokonoma, the chair in the ryokan, and the outdoor unit on the balcony.

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July, 2021

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A multi-artist who is active in three fields: time-lapse animation, diorama, and trick art.

Born in July 1998. He graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan General Arts High School. He started drawing manga when he was in nursery school, and when he was in elementary school, he became addicted to Gunpla and learned about the fun of modeling.

In 2015, his diorama work “My Room”, which he made when he was in his first year of high school, was spread on Twitter and was interviewed by TV and the media. In addition, the time-lapse animation “Breakdown”, which was created by one person, won the highest award gold in the JAPAN Youth category at TBS’s largest short film festival “Digicon 6” in Asia.

In 2017, he was approached by Wes Anderson and participated in the production of the stop-motion animation “Inugashima” for two weeks in the UK as an intern. He is invited to visit the British animation studio “Aardman”, which produces “Shaun the Sheep”.

He participated in the production of the time-lapse animation “Rilakkuma and Kaoru-san” released on Netflix. He is in charge of the miniature background.
In 2019, he established MOZU STUDIOS Co., Ltd.

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