Moe Nakamura Art Works – before the dawn

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This is a collection of about 100 works from artist Moe Nakamura’s debut work to the latest work.

After gaining popularity in 2014 by participating in an art fair in Taiwan, she has attracted attention overseas, and is currently invited to numerous exhibitions and art festivals both in Japan and overseas.

In addition to introducing about 100 works such as sculptures and paintings, including the latest works, this book introduces the world view and charm of Moe Nakamura’s works, including articles by art historians and short stories written by novelist Shinji Ishii. It is a book that can be enjoyed from various angles.

Short story: “Children of Trees” Contributed by Shinji Ishii: Tsutomu Mizusawa, Takuya Nakao

Release Date:
August, 2023
Japanese & English

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Moe Nakamura

Born in Tokyo in 1988. In 2012 she graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design Graduate School of Fine Arts.
She has been creating wood carvings using camphor tree and painting them with oil paints since she was still in school.
Recently, she has also been actively working on two-dimensional works. She has made many presentations at home and abroad.

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