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The fourth collection of works in 10 years by sculptor Atsuhiko Misawa, known for his “ANIMALS” series, in which he carves life-sized animals out of camphor tree and paints them with oil paint.

This book also serves as a catalog for a solo exhibition to be held at the Chiba City Museum of Art from June to September 2023, and the first half includes the exhibition scenery.

The second half will feature Animals from 2013 onwards, when they published their previous work collection “ANIMALS NO.3”, the Strut series, which was born out of a desire for color during the coronavirus pandemic, and Chimera, which has flown through space and time… about 10 years worth of works. Introducing 140 items.


In addition, religious historian and cultural anthropologist Shinichi Nakazawa contributed about chimera, a conversation with sculptor Katsura Funakoshi for the first time in 20 years since his first collection of works, and an essay by Chiba City Museum of Art curator Keisuke Mori. The text is readable enough.

*Both Japanese and English

Release Date:
August, 2023
Japanese & English

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Atsuhiko Misawa

Born in 1961 in Kyoto Prefecture, he was drawn to the allure of sculpture from a young age, growing up around the Buddhist statues of Kyoto and Nara. He studied sculpture in high school and college before completing his Master’s program in Sculpture at the Tokyo University of the Arts. From his childhood, he was also fond of popular music and has a deep knowledge of the subject. In 2000, he began his “ANIMALS” series, where he carved life-sized animals from wood. That same year, he held a solo exhibition at the Nishimura Gallery in Tokyo, and he has continued to have numerous solo exhibitions at various art museums to this day.

His notable awards include the 20th Hirakushi Denchu Prize in 2001, the 15th Takashimaya Art Award in 2005, and the 41st Nakahara Teijiro Prize in 2019. He currently resides in Kanagawa Prefecture and serves as a Special Professor in the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Musashino Art University.

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