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With 470,000 followers on Twiter, Harukiru creates stylish and humorous works using boxes of sweets! Harukiru, a very popular empty box artisan, has long awaited his latest book! All you need is an empty candy box and the tools you have at home. All you need is an empty candy box and the tools you have at home, and you can start making empty boxes right away.

This book introduces a series of works that have been the talk of the town on SNS, such as “Stylish Gari Gari kun” and “Bisco’s Mecha Boy”.
The book also includes secret stories about the creation of each work, such as ideas and particulars.

How to make
Six original works only available in this book are shown “with all the process cuts and patterns”.
Rocket made with Apollo” is easy to make even for beginners.
A small house made with Meiji the Chocolate” is easy to arrange.
A “Clock Tower made with Moonlight,” which allows you to challenge yourself with more difficult works…etc.

All you need is an empty candy box and tools you have at home.
This is a book that anyone can start making crafts with empty boxes right away!


Release Date:
July, 2021

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Empty Box Artist. He graduated from the Department of Art and Craft at Kobe Design University. Born in 1997. Ever since he was a child, he has loved handicrafts and admired Mr. Wakuwaku in “Tsukutte Asobo”, which was broadcast on NHK Educational TV.
In 2017, he started crafting an empty box after making a robot out of a box of “Meiji The Chocolate” and posted his work on Twitter. Its high quality has become a hot topic every time, and has been featured on many TV programs. Currently, he is producing new works and collaborating with companies.

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