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Sculptor Mio Hashimoto’s cat sculptures in one volume. From life-size sculptures that look as if they are alive to playful little ones, a large collection of unique cats!

More than 100 sculptures modeled after real cats (about 60 in total), including cats from Aijima, Fukuoka Prefecture.

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November, 2018

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Mio Hashimoto

Sculptor. She wants to see the forms of life her lost again, so she creates portrait sculptures that leave the living forms of the animals as they are. She likes the warm texture of wood carving, and she mainly uses camphor trees.

[Major solo exhibitions] Ichinomiya City Setsuko Migishi Memorial Museum, Fukuchiyama City Sato Taisei Memorial Museum, Okazaki World Children’s Art Museum, Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art, Postal Museum, Hirano Museum of Art, and many others

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Mio Hashimoto


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