MINGEI: Masterpieces of Japanese Folkcraft 2 – Tableware

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In this book, they introduce the favorites and usual dining tables of people who love Mingei vessels. You can find out how to choose and match the pottery of the owner of the pottery store, the culinary researcher, the potter, the woodworker, etc.

Akiko Nagao (cooker, photographer)
Shogo Nishimura and Junna Kaseya (Working at an apparel company)
Sonoko Kurematsu (Owner of Ontayaki specialty shop “Sonomono”)
Mr. Takashi Tomii and Mr. Miyuki (woodworker)
Kisen Hirayama and Sayaka Adachi (graphic designers)
Ms. Kaori Hiketa and Ms. Tersen (Gallery “Fev” shop owner)
Saeko Shitara (working at a department store)
Norimasa Harada (photographer)
Mr. Masaaki Nishimura and Ms. Chikako (ceramic artist)
Tenshin Toba and Asuka (Ceramic Artist)
Mr. Hideyoshi Kazuki and Mr. Wasa (“Yamasui -Coffee and Utensils-” owner)
Mr. Hisako Okudaira and Mr. Kinya

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October, 2022

Author profile

Kentaro Hagiwara

He is a writer and a photographer.

He is a member of the Japan Art Writers’ Association, a director of the Japan-Finland Design Association, and a member of the Scandinavian Architecture Design Association (SADI).

Born in 1972, he is originally from Osaka Prefecture and is a graduate of Kansei Gakuin University.

After working for Actus Co., Ltd and studying abroad in Denmark, he went independent in 2007.

Currently, he is based in Tokyo and Osaka, primarily focusing on writing and giving lectures in fields such as design, interior, Scandinavian culture, and craftsmanship. He also supervises TV programs and produces plans for department stores.

He has written numerous books, mainly on Scandinavian culture, interior design, and folk art.

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Kentaro Hagiwara


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