MINGEI: Masterpiece of Japanese Folk craft – How to Choose and Enjoy

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This book introduces 14 groups of philosophers, editors, designers, culinary researchers, and folk craft shop owners who skillfully incorporate folk art into their daily lives.

And introduces their favorite folk art items and their lifestyles. You can see how to choose and enjoy folk art.

Takashi Kurata (philosopher, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University)
Lucas BB, Kaori Baruko (Editor-in-chief of the magazine “PAPERSKY”)
Hiroko Takenaka (Cook)
Yoshio Suzuki,  Mai Hiketa (producer of commercial facility “CASICA”)
Akiko Toyomura (Owner of General Store “WOLK”)
Tetsuro Takai and Rumiko Aida (wild grape craftsman, blackboard craftsman)
Kaoruko Matsuzaki (Editor)
Keiryo Yamamoto, Aiko (Owner of Yamamotoya, a guest house and soba restaurant)
Sota Azuchi (glass artist)
Keiichi Asakura,  Yoshiko (Owner of Folk Crafts Store “Yawaya”)
Shigeki Hattori and Chika (representative of graf, creative director)
Makoto Tatanou, Masako, Tomomi (Representative of Desai Kiln and Denishi Ori)
Takaki Sunami (basket craftsman)
Kurashiki Dyeing and Weaving Institute

Release Date:
December, 2021

Author profile

Kentaro Hagiwara

He is a writer and a photographer.

He is a member of the Japan Art Writers’ Association, a director of the Japan-Finland Design Association, and a member of the Scandinavian Architecture Design Association (SADI).

Born in 1972, he is originally from Osaka Prefecture and is a graduate of Kansei Gakuin University.

After working for Actus Co., Ltd and studying abroad in Denmark, he went independent in 2007.

Currently, he is based in Tokyo and Osaka, primarily focusing on writing and giving lectures in fields such as design, interior, Scandinavian culture, and craftsmanship. He also supervises TV programs and produces plans for department stores.

He has written numerous books, mainly on Scandinavian culture, interior design, and folk art.

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Kentaro Hagiwara


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