MADE IN JAPAN Japanese Craftsman : World-Class Japanese Traditional Crafts

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This book introduces 16 traditional Japanese crafts, including textiles, ceramics, metalwork, and woodwork, that are still being made throughout Japan today, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and shows their history, production processes, and the beauty of their detailed “Japanese” forms through color photographs.

<The 16 traditional crafts featured in this book are>
1. basho-fu (Japanese banana cloth)
2. Arita Ware
3. Sanuki Kagari Temari
4. Tsutsugaki Aizome
5. Japanese Swords
6. Nara Ink
7. Asahi Ware
8. Nishijin Woven Textiles
9. Kyo-sensu-Folding Fans from Kyoto
10. hana-kanzashi Hana Kanzashi
11. Suruga Bamboo Work
12. Kamakura-bori
12. Echigo Jofu
13. Traditional Beni for Cosmetics
14. Nambu Tekki (Nambu Ironware)
16. Nibutani Ita

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October, 2018
Japanese & English

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