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This is an eraser stamp !?
Kyorakudo creates realistic and delicate works based on the knowledge from the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Thorough explanation of its unique design and technology.

I don’t think it’s an “eraser stamp”!
Backed by the expertise of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Engineering,
Kyorakudo is characterized by its realistic, delicate, and richly colored works.

An up-and-coming eraser Hanko writer’s unique view of the world
This is the first collection of works that has been thoroughly introduced along with a number of beautiful works.

◆ The world spun by Kyorakudo ・ Planets / minerals / ancient creatures and the sea / life / fireworks and goldfish / elements

◆ Know the handicrafts of Kyorakudo

◆ Kyorakudo’s technique

◆ Design collection

◆ Stardust Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

◆ Colors drawn by Kyorakudo

◆ Using handicrafts from Kyorakudo

Furthermore, how these detailed works are produced
The technique and color are strangely approached.

Kyorakudo original eraser stamp design is also released for the first time.

Welcome to the world of “come here” eraser stamps.

Release Date:
May, 2019

Author profile


Eraser stamp artist.

Real name Aki Katayama.
Started making eraser stamps as a hobby at the age of 13.
Since 2015, he has exhibited his works on the Internet and at events under the name of “Kyorakudo”.
In 2017, he won the first excellence award as an eraser stamp work in the painting section of the ZEN exhibition.
He is working on works with a unique world view that connects various fields such as biology and pixel art with eraser stamps.

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