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Includes a total of 96 letter papers, including 30 traditional patterns from Kyoto “Kira Karacho”!

Founded in the first year of Kanei (1624), Kira Karacho inherits the Kara paper shop that has continued for about 400 years.
The patterns of “Karakami” are carefully handrailed one by one to express the feelings of peace and auspiciousness.
Under the supervision of Mr. Toto Akihiko and Mr. Aiko Senda, who preside over Kira Karacho, the traditional patterns that have been handed down in Kyoto.
For a luxurious letter book. It is a letter book that is nice to give and beautiful to look at.

Patterns are the landscapes of our prayers.
I do not mean merely their superficial visual “design”, but something deeper  instilled with human prayers and hopes and inhabited by the kami [gods].
––Akihiko Toto

Karakami originated from beautifully crafted decorative writing paper brought from Tang Dynasty China and adopted in Japan during the Heian Period (794-1185). The patterns and colors of this writing paper combined with the words written on them to convey the writer’s profound thoughts and heartfelt wishes. Texts written on such paper were not limited to letters from one person to another. A thousand years later, the Kokin Wakashu (“Collection of Japanese Poems of Ancient and Modern Times”) and the writings of the Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry, inscribed on karakami made with the kirazuri (woodblock printing with mica) process, are as dazzlingly beautiful as they were in the Heian Period.

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August, 2020

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