Kazumi Sakata Works – Hitori yogari no monosashi

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This book presents “50 beautiful things” selected by Kazumi Sakata, a charismatic figure in the antique world, in gorgeous all-color photographs.

FURUDOGU SAKATA, an antique store loved for over 30 years on a back street in Mejiro, Tokyo, regrettably closed its doors in 2020. The owner, Kazumi Sakata’s aesthetic sense attracted many connoisseurs of the day, such as Keisuke Serizawa, a dyer, Masako Shirasu, an essayist, and Toshiro Kawase, a florist. This book is a revised edition of Sakata’s popular serialization in Geijutsu Shincho.

A special supplement to the book is a conversation with architect Yoshifumi Nakamura titled “A Place Where Things Look Beautiful” (In Japanese).
The book is bound in a specially dyed cloth cover selected by the author himself, and is bound in a box.

[Table of contents]
Dogon Pillars and Doors
Flat tiles
Flower arrangement
Tin statues
Postcards and writing desk
Yi Dynasty white porcelain and Delft white glaze
African currency
Western karuta
West African clay figures
Eels and wire
Bark cloth and plaques
Portuguese dolls and ceramic statues
European tableware
Large Peruvian Cloth
Yayoi and Jordanian Pottery
Soba (buckwheat) boar cups
Ethiopian Bible
Threshing machine and bee gathering basket
South African skirts
Japanese map
Copper sutra tube and tin tea can
Cardboard house
Stone plate
Russian icons
African masks
Dutch Tokume and Sake Cups
Lacquerware of the Yi Dynasty
Italian embroidered rips
Inuit amulets
Wooden statues of saints
Windsor chairs
Guard for spiral staircase
insect cages
Contemporary ceramics
Coptic clefts
Chest of drawers
Haniwa Terracotta Tomb Figurine
Memorial towers
Pachinko stand
Art Museum as it is

Title: Kazumi Sakata
Photography: Naohiro Tsutsuguchi, Tatsuro Hirose
Binding: Lisa Ohno, Hiroyo Kawashima

Release Date:
November, 2003

Author profile

Kazumi Sakata

The owner of the antique shop “Secondhand Sakata” that has been loved for over 30 years in the back streets of Mejiro, Tokyo. (The store will close in 2020. )

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1945. After graduating from Sophia University, he worked for a trading company, and in 1973 opened a secondhand shop in Mejiro, Tokyo. Since then, he has traveled abroad several times a year to purchase goods from various countries such as Europe, Africa, Korea, Japan and South America.

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Kazumi Sakata


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