“Kami no Ondo” Meets World Paper and Japanese Washi Paper

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Paper specialty store “Kami no Ondo” in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. It is truly a mecca for paper, unlike any other in the world that handles a large number of handicraft papers from Japan and around the world.

This book introduces 87 items (185 types) of attractive paper that the company has encountered with beautiful photographs and detailed text.

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There is no book that introduces the world and Japanese paper so much! Introducing many papers from around the world and Japan that even paper lovers don’t know about.

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They are able to introduce a wide range of papers because they have earned the trust of paper producers through direct and courteous relationships.

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German foil paper is used for the door. The actual binding of the foil paper introduced in this book. * 1 type binding from 8 types

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November, 2022

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Kami no Ondo

They are a paper specialty store that stocks around 20,000 items, including “Handmade Japanese Washi and Papers from Around the World” and various paper products.

They travel to Japanese Washi production areas and paper-making sites around the world, handling a variety of wonderful papers they encounter there. Their store is located in Atsuta Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

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