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Based on the classic “Encyclopedia of Gemstones,” this book explains the legends, history, and etymology of natural stones, all set against a scientific background provided by a gemologist.

Gemstone names are listed in Japanese, with their English and Chinese names also provided.

The unique characteristics of each stone are clearly identifiable at a glance through radar graphs, categorized by their crystal systems. There is also an index organized by color.

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September, 2020

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Koichi Iida

Director of the Japan Color Gemstone Research Institute, born in 1950.

Joined Takashi Imayoshi in 1971 and contributed to the establishment of the “Japan Color Gemstone Research Institute.” Worked on promoting Japanese gemstones and ornamental stones worldwide. During this period, conducted research on gemstone irradiation coloring, color enhancement through heating, synthetic opal production, and pearl cultivation.

In 1985, after working in the gemstone manufacturing industry and appraisal organizations, established the Japan Color Gemstone Research Institute. Noriyuki Sakikawa and Hideo Tagai joined. Started as a new type of gemstone appraisal organization.

In 2001, aimed to create a Gem and Jewellery Museum to pass on Japan’s gem culture to future generations and established the “Society for Creating Jewelry Culture.” Currently, the president of the society.

In 2006, became the president of the Natural Stone Certification Council. Consistently emphasized that “gemstones should be handled with a focus on quality” in education and maintained that “collection and classification are the greatest materials for considering the culture of jewelry.” The collected Iida Collection is now housed in the institute’s small museum.

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