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In this book, the traditional colors and color schemes are divided into the categories of red, purple, blue, green, yellow, brown, black and white, and gold and silver, and introduced along with the arts and crafts that are the motifs.

Traditional Japanese colors have been incorporated into various things such as paintings, ukiyo-e, textiles, and ceramics.

Munsell values, CMYK values, RGB values, and HEX values are posted in the color list.

■Red color scheme Color scheme pattern based on red color Vermilion color scheme of painting Modern color scheme of lacquerware Ceramics, beautiful red painting with exquisite brushwork and glossy color scheme of ukiyo-e
[Column] Colors of Kabuki Costumes

■Purple color scheme A color scheme pattern based on the color purple.
[Column] The Tale of Genji, the color of attack

■Blue color scheme Color scheme based on blue color Bewitching color scheme of paintings Gosu’s beautiful dyeing and ukiyo-e color scheme of ceramics and porcelain
[Column] Fighting costumes that show power
[Column] Blue in Ukiyo-e: Blue in Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Eisen

■Green color scheme A color scheme based on green color.
[Column] Coloring the garden and composition
[Column] Color names of flowers

■Yellow color scheme A color scheme based on yellow color A clear color scheme for paintings, and a vivid color scheme for ukiyo-e and dyeing and weaving that grows in yellow Seto
[Column] Color names of birds

■Color scheme of brown Color scheme based on the color of brown The elegant appearance of the painting The color scheme of the warmth of ceramics and Bizen dyeing and weaving and the solid color scheme of ukiyo-e
[Column] Color Names of Kabuki Actors

■Black and white color scheme Color scheme based on black and white colors The deep color scheme of paintings The deep colors of lacquer art
Solid color dyeing and weaving of ceramics and Oribe and novel color scheme of Ukiyo-e
[Column] Kanbun Kosode with bold color scheme

■Gold and silver color scheme Gorgeous golden folding screens seen in paintings based on gold and silver color schemes.
[Column] Colors of Rimpa and elegance
[Column] The color scheme of sumi ink, sumi and subtlety

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May, 2023

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