Japanese Craft 2020 -The shape of nature and beauty-

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From Japanese traditional crafts that are highly evaluated around the world
From important intangible cultural property holders (living national treasure) and members of the Japan Art Academy to mid-career and young artists who will lead the next generation
The works of leading Japanese artists are posted.

With the theme of the relationship between nature and crafts, we will once again present the value of crafts that has never been seen before.
A gathering of active craft artists who continue to express themselves for the present while utilizing traditional materials.
This is a book that conveys to many readers the new charm and possibilities of crafts.

[Chapter 1]
Gold shines forever,
Silver shines noble

[Chapter 2]
Black absorbs all colors inside,
White contrasts yin and yang, which repels all light

[Chapter 3]
Red of life
Natural spirit

[Chapter 4]
The blue of water transcends space-time
Trees and mountains
Green breathes life

Release Date:
September, 2020

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