INCREDIBLE SCULPTURE WORK & TECHNIQUE – Ryu Oyama, Akinori Takaki, Takashi Tsukada, Shin Tanabe

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A book of clay sculpting works and sculpting techniques by four up-and-coming sculptors (Ryu Oyama, Akinori Takaki, Takashi Tsukada, Shin Tanabe).

In addition to their own newly created works, the four sculptors have also created works for “Touken Ranbu ONLINE,” “Yowamushi Pedal,” “Classmate,” “Fate/Grand Order,” “Garamon,” etc. (Ryu Oyama), “Dark Souls,” “Silent Hill,” “Ghost in the Shell: ARISE,” “Metal Gear Solid,” “Tokyo Ghoul,” “Naruto: Shippuden,” and “Naruto: Shippuden,” etc. (Ryu Oyama). NARUTO-Shippuden” etc. (Tanabeshin), “Terada Katsuya’s Version of Youtori Siren” “BLACKSAD” (Takashi Tsukada), “KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm” “TIGER & BUNNY” “Pokemon” “Zetton” etc. (Akinori Takagi) and many other original works from copyrighted works.

In the latter half of the book, the modeling techniques, from tools, design drawings, and core making to completion, are shown.

[Table of Contents]
★Making “Oni no Kreature” (Ryu Oyama)
Materials and Tools for Ryu Oyama
Core making, head, body, hands, finishing~firing, base making~completion
★Making “Military Girl 02” (Tanabeshin)
Materials and Tools of Tanabeshin
Face modeling, helmet, body, division, accessories, pedestal, finishing~molding, painting
★Making “Tenyasha” (Takashi Tsukada)
Materials and Tools of Takashi Tsukada
Make base and core, face, hands, body, pedestal and effects~painting
★Making “Original Dragon (Hawk)” (Akinori Takagi)
Materials and Tools of Akinori Takagi
Face, body, wings, mane, arms and hands, Photoshop~Paint


Release Date:
February, 2018

Author profile

Akinori Takaki

Born in 1987. Started prototype production at the age of 19. While participating in a model event with his friends, he caught the eye of a manufacturer and made his debut as a commercial prototype. Since then, he has worked on numerous commercial prototypes. While working as a commercial prototype, he actively participates in model events as “Haruki Creation”. He is a multi-talented sculptor with clay modeling and 3D modeling, and is attracting attention for his precise and delicate modeling and arrangement sense..

Akinori Takaki‘s books

Ryu Oyama

Born in 1977. Since his childhood, he has been interested in drawing and sculpting with clay. When he was in the first year of junior high school, he was shocked by the movie “Godzilla vs. Biollante” and made his first clay monster figure. With that as an opportunity, he started producing prototypes for garage kits and figures in earnest. After dropping out of art school, he made his debut as a garage kit sculptor at the age of 21. Since then, his name has gradually permeated the world of monster and creature modeling.

Ryu Oyama‘s books

Takashi Tsukada

Born in 1983. Born in Kyoto Prefecture. While he was at a vocational school, he became interested in figures because of a chocolate egg. After graduating, he worked at a toy manufacturing company and joined GILLGILL as a modeling artist. He has a high basic modeling ability and a style that does not limit genres, and while he is in charge of producing many prototypes, he also energetically presents works for event exhibitions, all of which have both high quality and sense.

Takashi Tsukada‘s books

Shin Tanabe

Born in 1973. Born in Shima City, Mie Prefecture. After graduating from the Department of Industrial Design at Kobe Design University, he moved to the United States in 1995. He signed an exclusive contract with the American figure maker TOYNAMI and created figure works such as “Terminator” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” before returning to Japan in 2007. Based in his workshop in Shima City, he creates prototype figures for numerous manufacturers while also engaging in creative activities.

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Akinori Takaki, Ryu Oyama, Shin Tanabe, Takashi Tsukada


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