How to Make Magical Goods – The Wizard’s Secret Recipes

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This book is a craft book that introduces how “anyone” can make items from the magical lands that appear in manga, anime, games, and movies using “easy-to-find materials”.

The instructions are provided by popular artists who sell their own magical items at handmade markets, SNS, art events, and other venues. The book provides detailed explanations of materials, production procedures, and tips on how to improve quality.

Feature 1: Explanation of production procedures by a total of 12 popular handmade artists
Popular handmade artists themselves explain the production procedures. The authors generously introduce their unique production methods, which they have developed through numerous trial-and-error processes.
Feature 2: Beautiful visual pages that draw you into a fantasy world
Based on the concept of a “general store in a magical land,” the visual pages featuring a variety of magical items are styled in a way that invites the viewer to enter a fantasy world.

The works introduced in this book are made of resin and other materials that are easy to obtain and handle.
This book meets the needs of those who want to decorate their rooms with wonderful magical items, those who want to use them as props for cosplay, and those who want to use them as reference for their own creations.

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September, 2019

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