How to Build GARAGE KIT vol.02 – Introduction to Resin Kits & Painting

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Learn to assemble and paint figures from scratch!
You can enjoy the joy of completing figures while learning the basics by creating color resin kits, ideal for your first resin kits. This book is also recommended for creating your own resin figures.

After that, you can learn more advanced techniques by creating full-scale single-color resin kits. From shaping parts to make them look more beautiful by taking one step at a time, to painting with brushes and airbrushes, and even detailing techniques to finish them to your own liking.

Chapter 1: What is a resin kit?

Chapter 2: Making Color Resin Kits
1 Preparation for making color resin kits
2 Gating and Temporary Assembly of Color Resin Kit
3 Shaping the parts of the colored resin kit
4 Painting of Color Resin Kit
5 Assembly of Color Resin Kit

Chapter 3: Challenging to Painting
1 Preparation for making a full-scale resin kit
2 Painting of base, white and skin color
3 Painting and finishing of clothes and accessories
4 Assembling a resin cast kit

Chapter 4: Aiming for a higher grade of finish!
1 Suffless painting
2 Detailing and painting with suffless-style clear color


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September, 2016

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