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This is the first book on how to make humanoid plush toys, with easy-to-follow, professional, direct instructions + extensive process photos by a plush patterner.

One of the difficulties in creating three-dimensional representations of characters, idols, and other “my fave” is their complicated hairstyles. This book includes 15 different hairstyles ranging from short hair to long hair and shaved head! You are sure to find a hairstyle that is close to your fave. The easy-to-understand, professional, direct instruction by a plush pattern maker, plus abundant process photos, will help even first-time plush toy makers.

The plush body comes in three sizes (large, medium, and small) to choose from according to the purpose and level of difficulty.
Large: 20 cm, medium: 17 cm, small: 11 cm (The figures are for height. Please refer to this manual for other sizes.)
There are 7 kinds of clothes that can be changed!
T-shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, hoodies, stuffed animals, and even shoes!
You can sew by hand or machine!

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Let’s design your own sewing pattern!
Lesson 2: How to make Nylex Nui (small) & Soft Boa Nui (medium)
Lesson 3: How to make Soft Boa Nui (Large)
Lesson 4: How to make various hairstyles
Lesson 5: How to make clothes
All patterns and process photos are included.

Release Date:
May, 2022

Author profile

Azusa Hirakuri

Plush pattern maker.
After working as a planning designer for plush toys and character goods at a toy manufacturer, she and her husband opened an embroidery workshop in 2012. While designing and producing embroidery for clothing, miscellaneous goods, idol costumes, etc., she also creates patterns for stuffed animals, doll clothes, and capsule toys. She also runs an online shop that sells materials for plush toys, “Nuigurumi Fabric shop”.

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Azusa Hirakuri


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