eraser stamp of Japanese annual events by Tomoko Tsukui

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Let’s enjoy the whole year-round event with an eraser stamp! One book called.

Monthly miscellaneous goods are made, pictures are made, towels are made, and Saijiki manga columns are also packed.

Of course, Hanko and Hankichi also appeared!

You can also get acquainted with annual events.

Published by Mr. Hasegawa for the first time in a year.

I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to the limit!

Shooting was also fun at an old folk house. Anyway, it’s a self-confident work with lots of content! Please enjoy!

Release Date:
December, 2007

Author profile

Tomoko Tsukui

Eraser Hanko Artist.
Born in Saitama prefecture. She started carving erasers as a hobby at the age of 15, and after graduating from the Faculty of Human Relations at Wako University, she started making custom-made eraser stamps under the name of “Shokado” in 2003.
Communicate how to enjoy the eraser stamp through media appearances, books, and workshops. She is active in a wide range of fields such as print exhibitions and mural productions in Japan and overseas.

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