ECO ANDARIA Hat : 37 pieces in natural colors knit with #23 yarn

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This is the second volume following “Eco Andaria Basket Bag”. Introduces how to make hats for summer coordination, made with the No. 23 color, the most popular summer yarn.

“Eco Andaria” is a standard summer yarn popular for its light touch of 100% rayon and wide variety of colors. Among them, No. 23 yarn is particularly popular because of its natural straw-like coloring and its ease of use as a single color, as well as its ease of combination with other colors and any secondary materials.

Starting with the basic straw type, there are unique designs with distinctive brims, folded-back hats, can-can hats, fringed hats, berets, caps, hats for parents and children to wear as a pair, hats for children, and hair accessories that can be easily made when yarn is left over, all of which are practical and colorful for summer fashion. This book has a total of 37 items in our collection.

Since only No. 23 yarn is used, there is no need to buy several colors of yarn, and there is little worry about excess yarn, so first-timers can start without worry. Although only No. 23 yarn is used, by simply changing the size of the hat, the width of the brim, and other design and knitting techniques, a rich variety of hats can be created even using a single color. Once you get used to it, feel free to rearrange it by changing the size or knitting fabric to your liking. Summer knitting will become even more fun.


[Table of Contents]
Brimmed hat
Patterned Brim Hat
Piping beret
Natural Work Cap
Midriff Hats (Adults and Children)
Patterned Braided Hair Bands
Scalloped Catsuits
Big Ribbon Hats
5cm Brim Hats
80cm Brim Hats
12cm Brim Hat
Knitted ball and bead pony hook
Pony hook with design beads and round motif
Daisy pony hook
Herringbone knitted (oval) barrette
Patterned (square) barrette
Crumpled hat
Wide Brim Hats
Fringe Brimmed Resort Hat
Walnut button hair elastics (large and small)
Can Can Hat Hair Elastic
Small bird hairpins
Patterned braided cankers
Modern Casket
Bowler Hats
Bowler Hats
Ribbon Wrapped Pointy Hat
Safari Hats (Adults, Children)
Round Caps
Marine Caps (Adults, Children)
Tulip Hats
Pointy Hat

Main materials and tools
Lesson on how to make

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May, 2019

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