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In this book, anyone can easily create original magical accessories and items by Mito Kurato, a very popular author on Twitter.

The materials used in this book are all easily available at 100-yen stores, but you will be amazed at the gorgeous, delicate, and fantastic items that can be created with a surprising degree of perfection.
It can be used for Halloween events and parties.
The many items created from a magnificent world view are a must-see.

Release Date:
October, 2017

Author profile

Mito Kurato

She presides over the “Black Alchemy Society”, which conducts creative activities with the theme of art painting. While working on 3D modeling for corporate promotion, she is also researching creative techniques that are easy for beginners.

She also designs original miscellaneous goods and produces accessories, which are sold at Village Vanguard and apparel shops. Her daily research results are summarized as blogs and doujinshi.

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Mito Kurato


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