Creating Something That is Neither by Masanobu Ando

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Ceramic artist Masanobu Ando, work theory and essay on the 36-year history of ceramics.

“When I was able to digest the work that was seen from the outside of the craft, my pottery began to change like a fish in water.” (From this book). Ando’s creative work is driven by his curiosity that easily transcends barriers between other fields such as art, music, and design. The aesthetics and the way we perceive life have expanded the base of life crafts that began around the 90s, and have given us various hints on how we perceive life.

In this book, 25 essays and a theory of works born while conflicting with various boundaries for more than 30 years, “a writer and gallerist like a self-righteous middle schooler”, and various fields. This book recorded a dialogue with four people who are active in the line of various art. Starting with the story of the birth of his representative work, the Dutch dish, this book is full of questions about daily life and deep thoughts on life.

*all in Japanese

[table of contents]
Introduction ● 1. Making things in between: Beginnings in between / Determining the trunk / Practical crafts and contemporary art / Contemporary art and tea ceremony / In the tunnel / Extra effort / Crafts with an artistic approach / Customs in my home / Encounter with Dutch white-glazed pottery / Objects and space / Birth of Dutch plates / The beginning of life crafts / Copying and individuality / Thoughts on white / Crafts and industry / Tea time / What is life proposal? / Functional considerations Flexibility / functional thinking – sensory function / first half and second half / connecting, connecting / honest work 2, what I love Yanagi tea bowl / hand plate and apple box / grater 3, Dialogue from Periphery to Center Kazumi Sakata & Masanobu Ando “Beauty Without Standards”
Connecting Crafts and Art: Takashi Murakami & Masanobu Ando “Contemporary Art ↔ Ceramics” after a conversation with Mr. Kazumi Sakata
Is the isolation of the country over? — After the talk with Takashi Murakami, Yoshihide Otomo & Masanobu Ando “From Ama-chan to the other side of the noise”
Talking about noise – after the talk with Mr. Yoshihide Otomo

Akira Minagawa & Masanobu Ando “Manufacturing with Empathy”
Rebirth of Joy – Closing after the Talk with Akira Minagawa

Release Date:
November, 2018

Author profile

Masanobu Ando

Born in Tajimi City in 1957. Sponsored by Galerie Momogusa. Pottery artist. He graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Musashino Art University. After working as a contemporary artist, he started making pottery for a living.

While producing more than 1,000 types of standard daily tableware that can be used in both Japanese and Western styles, he also creates tea utensils and sculptural works.

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