Creating a Small World – Dioramas and Dollhouses Made from Everyday Items by Hanabira kobo

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Hanabira Kobo, a popular miniature writer with more than 700,000 YouTube channel subscribers, introduces the hottest works together with the secret story of the production.

In addition to explaining in detail the world view of the work and the points she was particular about, she also explained in detail.
How to make a diorama & dollhouse arranged so that even beginners can do it is posted with photos of the whole process.

We will show you the charm of playful works, such as missing miniature books one by one, making invisible parts that are not introduced in the video firmly and realistically, and some works smaller than 1-yen coins.

Release Date:
February, 2022

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Hanabira kobo

Miniature artist. Around 2016, Became interested in craftsmanship and YouTube and began posting videos of work as an extension of hobby.

Beginning to make dollhouses in earnest from 2019, great attention will be focused on elaborate works made using familiar materials.

Dioramas made from 100-yen shop materials and dollhouse works that reproduce a unique world view and everyday scenes are popular, and there are also works that have been viewed more than 5 million times.

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