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The world of CHIROL VINTAGE, a shop specializing in delightful British antique jewelry, has been compiled into a single book!

CHIROL VINTAGE is an antique jewelry shop run by twin sisters: Yoshie Ota, who resides in Japan, and Kunie kugii, who is based in the UK.

They do not have a physical store and sell exclusively through their website and occasional pop-up events, captivating a devoted fanbase with their discerning eyes and unique style.

Release Date:
September, 2021

Author profile

Yoshie Ota

The CEO of CHIROL and owner of CHIROL VINTAGE.

She has been deeply involved in the music industry since her late teens and continues to harbor a profound love for vintage records.

She has always been interested in things that have stood the test of time, so-called vintage items, and aims to spread the concept of vintage fashion more widely.

Noticing the lack of e-commerce sites offering the kind of vintage fashion she sought, she decided to leverage her experience of running an online record shop to create her own e-commerce platform.

In 2013, together with her twin sister who lives in London, she launched CHIROL VINTAGE.

Aiming to create an online shop that appeals not only to those who love vintage and antique items but also to those who love fashion in general, she has been expanding her activities to communicate the allure of vintage jewelry, including at pop-up events and other occasions.

Yoshie Ota’s books

Kunie kugii

The buyer of CHIROL VINTAGE.

In her early twenties, she became fascinated with the allure of vintage, sparked by her frequent visits to her favorite vintage shop. Overwhelmed by the desire to see authentic vintage items and to work with old things, she decided to move to England. She spent seven years working at a vintage clothes shop in London while studying the restoration and conservation of antique furniture and decorative items at university for three years.

After graduating, she and her twin sister launched CHIROL VINTAGE.

Through her extensive exposure to and learning about many vintage and antique items, she realized her dream that she had envisioned before moving to England: owning a vintage jewelry shop. With a motto of conveying authentic vintage and antique jewelry as fashion, she handles a wide range of buying with a well-trained eye and unique selection.

Kunie kugii’s books

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Kunie kugii, Yoshie Ota


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