Buddhist motif eraser stamp by Tomoko Tsukui

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Feel the Buddha closer and enjoy it with an eraser stamp. The familiar designs and colors by Tomoko Tsukui, an eraser writer, expand the world of Buddhism.

Introducing simple motifs such as flowers and trees, as well as complex patterns such as Nyorai, Bodhisattva, Myo, Kannon, which everyone has seen at least once.
Not only works that finished the life of Shaka-sama in a picture-story show style, but also many Buddhist teachings and tales that are useful to know by the monk Hirojun Asada, read along with how to carve.

It covers how to start an eraser stamp, tools, carving, and pushing, making it an easy book for anyone to start.
In addition, I will introduce the points and tips for making my own original goods by taking advantage of the characteristics of the eraser stamp that can be pressed on various things.
You can make your own special, and you will surely find “like”.

Release Date:
March, 2016

Author profile

Tomoko Tsukui

Eraser Hanko Artist.
Born in Saitama prefecture. She started carving erasers as a hobby at the age of 15, and after graduating from the Faculty of Human Relations at Wako University, she started making custom-made eraser stamps under the name of “Shokado” in 2003.
Communicate how to enjoy the eraser stamp through media appearances, books, and workshops. She is active in a wide range of fields such as print exhibitions and mural productions in Japan and overseas.

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