Beautiful fantasy paper-cutting art

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About 150 beautiful designs by Shinobu Ohashi. In addition to the basic cutting and coloring methods, you can check the completed image of the design in color, so it is a collection of cutting designs that is easy for first-time people.

“Beautiful paper-cutting. This book, which is a sequel to “, comes with a “color sheet” that allows you to quickly color cut paper. This color sheet is based on the actual Japanese paper dyed by Mr. Shinobu Ohashi himself, and is a perfect match for the design in this book.

In addition to the above, the “Hiragana” pattern “A”-“N”, which is different from the previous work, as well as the “Layered Kirie” pattern, which becomes one work by stacking two cutouts, is also included.

Not only those who enjoyed the previous work, but also those who started from this work can work easily. We offer a wide variety of designs, from large designs that give you a great sense of accomplishment when you finish cutting, to small cut-out designs that are easy to use and practical.

<Features of this document>
・Learn the basics of paper cutting such as tools and cutting methods
・All designs are cut down by Shinobu Ohashi, a paper-cutting artist
・Explanation of how to enjoy cutouts as mobiles and bookmarks
・Explanation of coloring method using masking tape, origami, cellophane, etc.
・Because it comes with a design, you can start with just one cutter
・You can enjoy cutouts as many times as you can download.
・Colored sheets allow you to color cut papers immediately

Release Date:
November, 2017

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Shinobu Ohashi

Cutout artist. A piece of paper-cutting work using black drawing paper and colored Japanese paper, mainly with plants and birds as motifs, inspired by words and sounds. Currently, he is active in the suburbs of Tokyo, such as publishing books and making goods. In September 2018, she participated in the theater release “Natsume Yujincho – Utsusemi ni Tie – theatrical version” as a collaboration with Kirie.

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Shinobu Ohashi


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