52 Stories of NEW TAKUMI

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This visual book allows visitors to enjoy “things never seen before” created by 52 “young artisans” from 47 prefectures in Japan who have breathed new life into Japanese crafts with their challenging skills and ideas, while paying respect to local traditions and resources, as if they were traveling around the country with the charm of each region.

The book also includes columns by leading specialists in the fields of fashion, architecture, and design.
All pages are bilingual (Japanese and English).

Kundo Koyama “An empathetic approach to craftsmanship that attracts a diverse range of people.

Kazuya Shimokawa “Craft x Design: What is Design?
Yoshiko Ikoma “Craftsmanship with Human Thought: From Jomon Earthenware to 3D Printers
Kazuya Shimokawa LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT and the Fine Craft Movement
Yoshiko Ikoma: From Local to Glocal ~Digging Deeper into Identity Leads to the World

Kengo Kuma “What the next generation of artisans should be like.



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October, 2017
Japanese & English

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